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The number and size of tanks should be sufficient to provide adequate working capacity taking into account peak period airport activity, supply replenishment and emergency stock coverage. Dawi Oil Ltd has over 26,000 MT capacities in all over Afghanistan airports. Allowances must also be made for the time required for product settling, product testing and tank cleaning requirements. To prevent cross contamination, all facilities used for handling aviation fuels should be fully grade segregated, with only one grade of aviation fuel being stored in a given tank. All tanks, piping, pumping, filtration and associated equipment needs to be designed, procured, constructed and commissioned in accordance with recognized standards to ensure both the integrity of the facilities and also that they are suitable for the handling of aviation grade products.


Dawi Oil Ltd has vehicle fleet of some 36 fueler, and distribution vehicles. The fuelling process is potentially the most hazardous operation, making it even more important to have the appropriate type and design of fuelling vehicle and associated equipment.


• Micro Filter pump system from Millennium system USA
• Filtering fuel impurities of less than 1 micron
• Pumping capacity of 800 liters / min
• Water separator and Detecting system
• Floating Suction
• Bulk Storage and Truck Loading Options
• Separate 100 ton tank
• Sapling Port
• Electronic Control
• Anti-Freezing Fuel Sump

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Dawi Oil believes in aviation fuel safety and quality control as of involving in the air transportation sector, thus, purchased high-techs and modern machines from a well-known lab equipments manufacture Koehler Inc from United State of America and installed in major and busy airports to obtain maximum fuel quality assurance according to ASTM standards.

The Afghan professionals were trained by Koehler experts in Kabul of using these equipments of the recent technology available in the international market.

We are caring about our clients and their operations in Afghanistan, over and above we are committed to our objectives of faithfully serving our clients with best and certified services” said Mr. Abdul Ghafar Dawi, President and Owner of Dawi Oil while inaugurating Kabul Branch Lab.

We are able to analyzing below tests in-house and would be upgrading t labs with more equipment to carry more tests for outside demands apart from our daily activities:

1.Distillation of petroleum products in accordance with certified petroleum reference standards.
2.Copper corrosion from petroleum products.
3.Bearing compatibility of turbine oils, Saybolt color of petroleum products.
4.Portable Automated colorimeter, automated colorimeter for Saybold and ASTM color.
5.Density, relative density ( specific gravity), or API gravity
6.Vapor pressure of petroleum products and LP gases.M
7.Wax appearance point of distillate fuels.
8.Existent gum in fuels by jet Evaporation.
9.Kinematic viscosity.
10.Smoke point of kerosene and aviation turbine fuels.
11.Freezing point of aviation fuels.
12.Water separation characteristic, free water an particulate testing in accordance with ASTM standard test methods D 3948 and D4860.
13.EMCEE digital conductivity meter, convenient reliable accurate measurement of electrical conductivity.
14.Flash point by ABEL closed up tester