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Today's kerosene jet fuels have been developed from the illuminating kerosene used in the early gas turbine engines. These engines needed a fuel with good combustion characteristics and high energy content. The kerosene type fuels used in civil aviation nowadays are mainly JET A-1 and Jet A.

• JP-8 (F34)
• Jet A-1 (F35)
• TS-1
• Avgas 100LL (F18)


Conventional diesel is similar to gasoline in that it is a mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons extracted from petroleum. Diesel may cost more or less than gasoline, but generally costs less to produce because the extraction processes used are simpler.

• Diesel Hi (F-54)
• Diesel Lo (F-54)
• Gasoline (F-67


In total, more than 100 civil operators rely today on NYCO products, which are consisting in the 4 following brands:

TURBONYCOIL : lubricating oils for gas turbine engines
HYDRAUNYCOIL : mineral oil-based and synthetic fluids for hydraulic systems
NYCO GREASE : mineral and synthetic greases
NYCOLUBE : Instrument oils, general lubrication