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Excellence in safety and quality is a key priority for Dawi Oil, the company is pledged to provide its clients with the high quality and clean fuel thus has purchased advance and modern lab machinery from KOEHLER an American well-known lab equipments manufacture company which is of the recent technology available in the international market. These equipments are installed in busy and major airports to obtain high fuel quality assurance according to ASTM standard; meanwhile the Afghan lab workers of Dawi Oil were trained by the KOEHLER experts in Kabul to utilize the newly installed laboratory equipments.

To obtain maximum fuel quality assurance four distinct steps at specific stages are performed:

1) Quality control at borders before offloading to major reservoirs.
2) Before reloading from major reservoirs into carrying trucks.
3) Before offloading into Dawi Oil main reservoirs in Kabul or other branches.
4) Before supplying the fuel to the clients In order to assure the quality of the fuel after the forth step the crew is authorized to carry the last test of eye inspection by using Shell water detective tablets, upon approval a sample will be sealed and kept after the flight for any inspection in 24 hrs times.

Dawi Oil is now able to analyzing below tests in-house and would be upgrading labs with more equipment to carry additional tests for outside demands apart from our daily activities:

1 - Distillation of petroleum products in accordance with certified petroleum reference standards.
2 - Copper corrosion from petroleum products.
3 - Bearing compatibility of turbine oils, Saybold color of petroleum products.
4 - Portable automated colorimeter, automated colorimeter for Saybold and ASTM color.
5 - Density, relative density (specific gravity), or API gravity.
6 - Vapor pressure of petroleum products and LP gases.
7 - Wax appearance point of distillate fuels.·Existent gum in fuels by jet evaporation.
8 - Kinematic viscosity.·Smoke point of kerosene and aviation turbine fuels.
9 - Freezing point of aviation fuels.·Water separation characteristic, free water a particulate testing in accordance with ASTM standard test methods D 3948 and D4860.
10 - EMCEE digital conductivity meter, convenient reliable accurate measurement of electrical conductivity.
11 - Flash point by ABEL closed up tester.