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Dawi Oil Ltd is a branch of Dawi Group of Companies operating as a leading aviation fuel distributor across Afghanistan’s Airports. Dawi Group in addition to fuel business has been in many businesses including construction, agriculture; trading and Duty Free Shops. Dawi Oil Ltd has heavily invested in jet fuel storage facilities as well as distributing facilities with the advance technology and professional staff. The company has assembled with new facilities and advanced technology equipment across the country. Aviation industry, an epitome of perfection, excellence and performance! It has no place for substitutes. To be a supplier to such an industry demands stringent quality specifications. Based in Afghanistan, Dawi Oil Ltd is a proud fuel supplier to the aviation industry. That speaks for itself about the quality and competitiveness of its products. Trusted globally for all kinds of fuel needs, Dawi Oil Ltd provides high quality fuel services to commercial carriers, corporate organizations and governmental entities at most competitive prices.


Dawi Oil Co.ltd is part of the Dawi Group of companies; it operates as a service provider to the aviation industry. Its core business is the provision of dedicated infrastructure to offer uninterrupted aviation fuel supply. The company also provides buffered stock and management programs that maximize the efficiency and utilization of the refueling supply chain for airlines and their supporting operating vehicles. Dawi Oil has setup as an independent limited liability company comprising of President, Vice Presidents Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Directors and Management Team responsible for all aspects of its operations. Human Resources, Legal, Finance and Administration departmental functions are centralized at group level. The company was accredited by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on 08 August 2006 with business license#01018269 and Tax Identification Number (TIN) 1034558013 at Ministry of Finance. As part of the agreement Dawi Oil was assigned to reconstruct the infrastructure of the former fuel station at Kabul International Airport which was utterly devastated and was barely a deserted piece of land due to the decades of war, in addition to that, the facility was already over depreciated, no proper boundaries, equipments older than 50 years and piles of wreckages of busted machineries spare parts and scraps when it was handed over to Dawi Oil Ltd officially in Aug 2006. Thus Dawi Oil was to start from zero not only to establish a proper fueling system but to renovate, upgrade and invest to build a modern fueling station for Kabul International Airport. Dawi Oil with a mandate heavily invested and changed the complete look of the fuel station within a year time.


Dawi Oil is an experienced, dedicated fuel service provider in Afghanistan. We at Dawi Oil are committed to comply with applicable laws and regulations of world standards aviation fuel services. We highly value the safety of our employees and customers. Whereas we do expect sustainable and profitable growth we also maintain to be the leading aviation fuel supplier in the country. Dawi oil has the pleasure of recruiting highly trained staff and operators who have extensive knowledge of airports fuelling operations. Our dedicated staff meets our goal to establish a trouble-free aviation fuel supply system to keep the flights flying to and from any airport, at anytime and at any circumstances.
Dawi Oil is seeking the opportunities to expand its business with the standard norms of operation that meet the requirements of clients using Afghanistan airports across the country.


At Dawi Oil Ltd, we aim to provide maximum benefits for all our business associates in the airline industry. Be it our clients, suppliers, associates, employees or partners, we share a successful one-to-one relationship by making use of our experience, expertise, resources and facilities.


Statistics often reveals fascinating facts. In the aviation industry, sharply 60% of an airline’s expenses are dictated by the fuel prices. Dawi Oil Ltd comprehends the significance and responsibilities of being a fuel supplier in the aviation industry. It therefore offers the following services/facilities to support its allies/customers to explore lucrative business possibilities.

• Providing JIG Complaint and ISO Certified Services
• Round O’clock Operations
• Quality Products
• Extends Credit Terms
• Single Point of Contact Facilities
• Complete Price Transparency
• Detailed & Speedy Invoicing
• Readily Available Reliable Information



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